Support Students with Visual Impairments: Use Tactile Schedules

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As you prepare your classroom for a new school year, don’t forget to structure the environment for all students, including those with visual impairments. Using some practical, but effective, environmental supports can make all the difference in how independent and successful students can be.

The photo here and on the home page show several schedules that can be implemented for students who are blind or visually impaired. Some key guidelines for creating and using schedules like this are:

  • Figure out what the student will relate to and understand. The cues must be meaningful to the student.
  • Gradually introduce and teach the schedule.
  • Use the schedules consistently and promote independence.

Other students often benefit from specialized schedules as well, including visual schedules, object schedules, and auditory schedules. If you are a teacher in an inclusionary setting, consider the needs of your students with autism, auditory impairments, cognitive disabilities, reading disorders, and other disabilities. These schedules are easy to make and very effective.

Additional Resources

We found two websites with good information to help you create tactile schedules:

Pathways to Literacy

Teaching Students with Visual Impairments–communication-cards.html