Using Data to Change Instruction:

Student Goal Setting

Research for this Tool

Incorporating student progress monitoring into the classroom should be built into classroom activities if at all possible. This makes it easier to manage, and becomes a routine activity that students begin to expect. If students are taught to monitor their own progress and then tie that to goal setting it can be very motivational. Whether you use computer based charts and graphs tied to a specific program or intervention or create your own graphs students benefit from monitoring their own progress and creating short and long term goals for improvement.

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How to Use this Tool

Teachers or mentors should meet with the student and complete the form, discuss goals, and the plan for improvement. This process will help the student feel more confident in their ability to improve and be more committed to any tutorials, or interventions that might be included. It also gives the teacher or mentor and student a common goal to work toward.

After completing the students name and grade, the assessment type, score and pass / fail should be completed. A section for noting any areas that the student is achieving above level is also included. It is important that all students set goals—even high achieving students!

It is important to include student strengths as well as areas to be improved.

At the bottom of the goal sheet the “plan for improvement” should be included. This might include a specific tutorial, intervention or habit such as “on time to class”.

The student should be a partner in the goal setting and be encouraged to set a reasonable, attainable goal. The adult and student should periodically review progress toward the goal and add or adjust the “plan for improvement”.

Don’t forget to celebrate as the child improves!

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