Tools for Great TeachersThe Story behind Tools for Great Teachers

After many years in education in various roles, we decided to start the Tools for Great Teachers website as a way of sharing information with educators. Like all education professionals, we have used the Internet as a source of ideas, tools, and references for many years. However, we found that many education websites lack the practical, common sense, easy-to-use tools that teachers, administrators, and support personnel need. We believe that we can help fill the gap and provide tools that can be used by almost any educator in many different situations.

We are committed to providing research based ideas that are user-friendly. By starting on a small scale, we think that the Tools for Great Teachers website will stay true to our roots as former teachers in both general education and special education. We know that educators are busy and when looking for ideas to improve your effectiveness as a teacher, counselor, support staff, or other professional, you want substantive suggestions but not complicated, time consuming. Our goal is to share what we know and what we have learned in hopes of making the lives of educators easier, more positive, more innovative, and more effective.

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